MINK Shoes: Couture Vegan Shoes for a Walk on the Wild Side

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Meet MINK Shoes – chic, totally cruelty-free and vegan, Italian-made and extremely stylish.

Have you ever dreamed of glamorous and trendy, but handcrafted, vegan and ethically made shoes that can take you from the office to a night out on the town? We’ve found the answer with MINK shoes, a collection of completely cruelty-free heels, flats and boots from the eco-chic city of Los Angeles. We especially love how each collection is named after the animal it personifies!

mink shoes

Founded in 2004 by designer Rebecca Mink, a devoted environmental preservationist and animal rights promoter, MINK shoes has taken off as a collection of luxury and couture vegan shoes that have adorned the feet of celebrities and women around the world. Rebecca wanted to create a collection of eco chic footwear that was made from animal-free and environmentally friendly materials, but also crafted by skilled artisans that believed in the importance in quality of their craft.



So she found an Italian shoemaker whose family has been crafting shoes for many generations, and was eager to take on the challenge of creating shoes from alternative materials. After many years of development and experimentation, a collection of shoes made from materials such as wood, rubber, organic fabrics, cork and vegan leather was created. The picture was completed by the development of a recycled paper shoe bag for environmentally friendly packaging.


Sexy, sleek and definitely full of LA style, Rebecca’s collection of MINK shoes includes towering heels. daring boots and chic slip-ons that bring out the feminine glow in every woman. Exceptionally engineered to last a lifetime and designed to prove that chic and responsible can meet when it comes to shoes, the MINK collection is the ultimate choice for cruelty-free, ethically made and glamorous  footwear.


MINK now needs your help to keep expanding their gorgeous collect and compete in the ever competitive luxury shoe market. You can help Rebecca and her team make vegan shoes even more available worldwide by supporting their indiegogo campaign, which runs until April 18th, 2014. Perks for donating include anything from being invited to the launch party, to a pair of their incredibly glam glitter clogs, to a pair of custom vegan shoes or even a private tour of their manufacturing process in Tuscany, Italy. Check it out today and help make vegan shoes today!

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