Mission Savvy’s EcoSkin Dress Giveaway


We recently wrote about Jennifer Miller, founder of Mission Savvy in our Top 20 Eco-Fashion Sites list, so some of you already realize how much we love what she’s doing.

Based in Charleston, West Virginia, Miller has five “Missions” that represent her online store: Dream, Compassion, Freedom, Instinct and Voice. Each of these collections are symbolic of an animal protection issue she’s passionate about.

“Because of the fun, fashion element built within Mission Savvy I have been able to approach new demographics of people and talk about animals in entertainment or about excessive use of animals in medical research. When offered the opportunity to either help or continue to ignore these situations, I have found that people want to help,” says Miller.

For example, since launching in March, she has been invited to speak in open forums and conferences such as the Women of the Green Generation Conference in California.

“Every month we have an event that showcases different issues in animal welfare while allowing people to shop and have fun at the same time. We will be a featured eco-boutique in Nashville Fashion Week this September showcasing fashion and our mission side by side and we will soon be opening our first retail location that will jointly operate as a vegan friendly cafe and a venue for fundraisers for local animal rescue efforts,” says Miller.

As a former IFAW employee, Miller has seen a lot of animal cruelty worldwide so we support her creative way of educating us about what we don’t know behind the scenes at everything from traveling circuses to zoos and all that gray area in between.

Five percent of profits generated by sales from the site are donated to a select group of animal welfare and conservation groups.

This week’s giveaway is from her Dream Collection, featuring the Poinsettia Dress from EcoSkin, made from a bamboo/tencel knit blend.

Miller writes to me: “It’s wrinkle proof and incredibly soft, but not see-through kind of soft or t-shirt kind of soft.”

Perfect soft? You want it? Leave a creative comment below and you might just be slipping into this strapless number.

Good luck!

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Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.