Got Wine? Decoratively Display Your Vino Addiction

There are plenty of stylish solutions for storing wine, but many of them assume that you have tons of space and a wine budget that would rival the gross domestic product of a small country (sorry, but that towering wine rack looks pretty sad with a few lonely bottles of Three Buck Chuck).

Not the Modern Cellar Mini Wall Panel ($160).

This wall panel holds up to six bottles at a time and takes up zero counter space. It’s made of walnut hardwood with sporadically placed holes, so it adds a nice decorative element to your walls. This configuration also makes it easy to turn the bottles and keep the cork moist.

All of Modern Cellar’s products are proudly made in the U.S. too. (They’re based in San Diego with products available online and in select stores.) A simple, yet sophisticated way to store wine and support an indie business? We’ll toast to that!

Now it’s your turn. Tell us which wines would you store in this wall panel. Maybe a juicy Cabernet or a sweet, sparkling wine? What do you think of this wall panel?