4 Eco Jewelry Makers Inspired by Stones, Bones and Recycled Metals

jennifer trask jewelry

How better to appreciate the beauty and majestic elegance of the creatures, rocks and precious metals that share Earth with us than turn their remains into gorgeous, wearable masterpieces? The following eco jewelry makers have taken  inspiration from natural stones, animal bones and organic shapes, combining them with recycled metals to create striking and sustainable pieces.  From bold statement pieces to simple and casual accessories, these jewelry collections demonstrate the amazing variety and platforms for creativity that natural materials provide for making modern tribal  jewelry.

jennifer trask jewelry

Jennifer Trask
This New York-based jewelry artist creates pieces that give a glamorous new life to the bones and teeth of animals. Each piece is hand carved to precision, and assembled into a stunning piece of jewelry that beautifully marries baroque-style detailing with the raw concept of a living being’s supportive structure. Trask combines carved natural materials such as tusks, antlers, bones and teeth with elegant detailing in the form of diamonds and vintage for a truly regal art piece.

kirsten muenster jewelry

Kirsten Muenster
Kirsten Muenster’s philosophy of eco jewelry making lies in “finding beauty in the unexpected.” She creates one-of-a-kind modern heirlooms featuring materials such as fossilized walrus tusk, betel nuts and stones sourced from small, family-owned mines. Muenster also uses 100% recycled precious metals and other repurposed materials, making sure to carefully research the origins of each artifact. Her work demonstrates quality, fine craftsmanship and longevity as each piece carries a unique but timeless appeal. Muenster’s work is substantial but simple, as demonstrated by her combination of clean, minimalist lines and raw, organic elements.

natalie frigo jewelry

Natalie Frigo
Natalie Frigo is a maker of heirloom jewelry pieces and believes in offering wearable, unique and timeless pieces that will stay with their owners forever. Frigo is constantly inspired by nature, and hand-casts organic forms for creating her exquisite necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.  All of the stones and gemstones used in her work are ethically sourced, and the precious metals are recycled. The venerable yet raw essence of her work is contemporary, but will stand the test of time.

monique pean jewelry

Monique Pean
Monique Pean’s pieces are recognized as luxury, eco-friendly jewelry and are known for the use of unique materials and avant-garde designs. Although distinctive and bold, Pean’s pieces are wearable and pair up perfectly with the latest fashions (or with jeans and a tee). Made from 100% recycled metals and sustainably sourced feature pieces like conflict and devastation-free diamonds, eco gemstones and locally sourced, eco-friendly fossilized woolly mammoth and walrus ivory. As a member of the No Dirty Gold campaign, supporter of Too Precious to Wear and a contributor to charity:water and Partners in Health, Monique Pean is truly committed to philanthropic sustainability.

Images: Jennifer Trask, Kirsten Muenster, Natalie Frigo, Monique Pean

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