Moe Design Studio: Saving Trees Is Simply Elegant


We try to showcase a range of furniture genres here at EcoSalon, offering an eco-shopping option as well as eye candy galore for all. And I’m usually pretty adept at pegging a style when I see one.

The best way I know to describe the raw, natural and hand-crafted aesthetic of Moe Design Studio, is raw, natural and hand-crafted. Or, I could call it country with a modern twist; rural with a city edge.

Most important, it’s reclaimed.

Andrew Moe opened Moe Design Studio in New York in 2003, after a curious path of personal, spiritual and career exploration. His furniture speaks to a certain maturity and steadfast confidence – this designer has a vision, and it includes the environment.


Moe makes his furniture using wood he’s gathered from abandoned buildings, like tobacco warehouses or textile mills. Each piece is one of a kind, custom-made and can be altered according to a client’s needs.

The 2009 Oslo Collection, Moe’s newest, is made exclusively from hardwood beams salvaged from dismantled buildings around the U.S. Sturdy, sleek and expertly crafted down to the smallest detail, this collection is simple, elegant, and eco-centuries away from the likes of Ikea. Check out the dining table (detail above), chairs (image below) as well as the writing desk, side table (top image) and breakfast table.


The website sums it up best: “Close to a billion board feet of wood are removed from buildings in the U.S. every year. By reusing”¦we reduce the impact on our landfills, eliminate the need to harvest trees, and are reminded of the simple beauty inherent in old wood.”

Saving trees is simply elegant.

Moe Design Studio donates 3% of its annual profits to AIR, The Alliance for International Reforestation.