Much to Love About Macha Jewelry


When Irish eyes are smiling, it’s possibly because they’re looking at trinkets from Macha Jewelry.

Named after the town in Northern Ireland where she grew up, Macha Jewelry is designer Bernice Kelly’s line of smile-worthy rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks.

When we first spotted these beauties on Planet Mag, we fell hard for the Rockwell Ring and matching stud earrings. That’s not to say we don’t also love Kelly’s more fanciful items like the Snake Bone Necklace, Pirate Tooth Necklace and Crab Claw Cufflinks.

At first glance, the rough nuggets and weathered metals seen throughout Kelly’s collection may come off as raw and unfinished. But as you examine her work, you notice a unified chicness that can only be achieved through thoughtful and deliberate design.

Because Kelly finds inspiration in imperfection, she rarely wastes materials and instead turns mistakes into beautiful, tiny treasures.

Consider each one your own pot of gold. Or silver. Or platinum.

Image: Macha Jewelry