Mustaches Through the Ages: Naming Dali, Hogan and Depp’s Whiskers

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Mustaches have oft been seen to be the mark of a man. From the refined whiskers of Hollywood gentlemen to the more masculine mo’s of 80s teen heart-throbs, the humble mustache defines generations. And they are well and truly back in vogue! Everywhere you turn, men are rocking facial hair like it’s 1985. Even initiatives like Movember are encouraging men to embrace their facial locks while raising money and awareness for a good cause. As versatile as they are diverse, do you know the difference between the Handlebar, the Jigsaw, and the Artiste? If not, we’ve got you covered.  

Man in bar with artistic moustache

The Artiste

French painters popularized this Parisian look which is reserved for only the most stylish sophisticates. Whiskers can be worn in the traditional neat and tidy way, or you can add wax to the tips for a truly artistic flair (think Salvador Dali!)

Beatles moustache styles

The Rockin’ Stache

Made famous by rock legends (like Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison (above) and The Beatles), the Rockin’ Stache had its time in the sun in the 60s and 70s. Many see this style as one that signals stardom and in fact, it is often referred to as “the musical moustache.”

Hulk Hogan with Horseshoe moustache

The Horseshoe 

Hulk Hogan really nailed this iconic trend with his over-the-top style, but the horseshoe mustache has been coveted by many and sometimes jokingly associated with virility and masculinity. Reserved for only the manliest of men (whatever that means), cowboys have also rocked this look.

Man with stubble

The Commitment-Phobe

For those not quite sure whether they are ready to embrace the full mo, the barely there mustache is the perfect compromise. Often worn in conjunction with a barely there beard, the ‘almost mo’ rose to prominence in the 90s (and on the catwalk!) as a glamorous ‘on trend’ look.

Johnny Depp portrait

The Jigsaw 

Johnny Depp helped to make this look famous. The jigsaw mustache consists of two carefully groomed pieces on the upper lip, a small patch under the lower lip and sometimes even a larger patch around the bottom of the chin.

Images: Guido Strotheide , Dion Hinchcliffe, Ford Library Museum, Mike Kalasnik, Chameleon, AKA Binsk

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