Swish, Gurgle, Splat: the Natural Dentist


The next time you take a swig of that cool, minty-fresh mouthwash, read the label.

ACT, one of the top sellers contains ingredients such as sodium saccharin, sorbitol, green dye #3, and yellow dye #5. It’s more bad news for standard mouthwash, which recently was revealed to increase the risk of cancer.

Enter The Natural Dentist, where colors are derived from vegetable juices such as red cabbage, purple carrot, beet, tomato, and annatto.

Instead of sodium lauryl sulfate, a common ingredient that acts as a detergent and produces foam in toothpaste, The Natural Dentist uses a coconut-based ingredient.

Product labels and printed materials are produced with soy ink, which has low VOC levels (volatile organic compounds) that contribute to air pollution; and all products are vegetarian/vegan and have earned the cruelty-free product seal from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Other options include JASON Natural Cosmetics; Dr. Ken’s; and Eco-DenT oral care products.

Now go ahead – rinse and brush with a good conscience!