Announcing a Brand New EcoSalon

Today we’re very excited to launch a sleek site redesign, new categories, a giveaway series that’s almost too good to be true (except it’s true!), and announce the debut of EcoSalon TV. What’s it all about, you ask?

Redesign and Categories

We’ve updated our design to reflect what we’re all about: a modern aesthetic with heart. You’ll notice new sections and at-a-glance browsing of exclusives and columns. We’re expanding News and Culture to better feature the investigation and reportage of our team covering a wide range of original topics, from pollution in the Gulf to a voyage in the Atlantic, to fashion in Paris, London, India and beyond. And who could miss the addition of Sex? This is something we all care about, and it is a fun part of our humanity – some might say it’s why we’re here! We’re also making it simpler to keep tabs on upcoming city events, guides and EcoSalon editorial exclusives. In short, we want to make it easier for you to find and follow the news and ideas you love, while enjoying a site that’s a snap to dig into – and a little bit sexy, too.


In partnership with our chic green pals at VivaTerra and dozens of select eco-fashion designers, we’ll be featuring daily giveaways of sustainable, gorgeous products. Yes, daily. ‘Nuff said.

EcoSalon TV

Catch some more fun by checking out our debut episode of EcoSalon TV tomorrow, with yours truly as your guide. From sex to food to culture and celebrity interviews, we’ll be exploring what’s now and next each week.

Why We’re Doing This

As the conscious culture and fashion website for readers of substance – and style – we want to delight, entertain, inform and inspire you daily with the best of all the things that make modern life such an extraordinary adventure: fashion, design, food, culture, and yes, sex! At EcoSalon, we believe these are the things that make the world go round, and we want to help you get around it with a little more fun. Isn’t that really why we’re all “going green”, anyway?

What does conscious mean to you? We believe it’s about being inspired by life. Awake and aware and immersed in the now – hip, and hip to the present. You might say inspiration is a series of conscious choices – and the amazing things that happen when modern minds possess hearts on fire.

So, enjoy the new look, and don’t forget to enter today’s giveaway! Of course, you can come back tomorrow for the next one. And I’d love to hear what you think about EcoSalon TV tomorrow, too.


We’ve done plenty of technical tweaking to make EcoSalon easy on the eyes for iPad, iPhone and Android, so please let us know if you catch a hiccup. The site is also coded to automatically detect your monitor settings and adjust to a size that works for you.

More cool announcements are coming your way soon. Keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook, and drop us a line, anytime. (We love hearing from you.) And hang on for good times ahead!