No More Woof: A Mind Reader That Translates Animal Thoughts Into English!

no more woof pet mind reader

A recently-funded device aims to be the world’s first mind reader for pets.

My cat Runa comes when I call her name, responds with a “mew” when I ask if she’s hungry, and always hides under the dining room table when my partner fires up the vacuum.

Although we “communicate” it always makes me sad to realize that my cat and I will never have a conversation. I’m no mind reader, and though I infer many things from her purrs and meows, she’ll never be able to tell me what she’s thinking in a way I can understand. Or will she?

A small Scandinavian research lab called the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID) recently unveiled the world’s first mind reader device for pets. Called “No More Woof” the gadget uses the latest in micro computing and electroencephalography (EEG) technology to analyze animal thought patterns. The idea is that when worn on your pet’s head, the mind reader gadget could translate animal thoughts into human language, projecting them through a speaker attached to the pet’s collar.

While two way communication is the ultimate goal, the early No More Woof mind reader will allow our pets to verbalize simple thoughts, like “I’m tired,” “I’m excited,” or “Who are you?” NSID developers say that for now, the mind reader device speaks only English, but Mandarin, French and Spanish versions are coming soon. Likewise, future iterations may include options for different dog voices/personalities, as well as new phrases like “Why are you leaving?” and “Leave me alone.”

Yes, the NSID’s pet mind reader is very much in the conceptual stages, and no there’s no guarantee that it will work. But if I said I wasn’t completely thrilled at the possibility, I’d be lying. Apparently, there are lots of pet owners like me out there, because No More Woof recently blasted through its fundraising $10,000 fundraising goal with 44 days to spare. Although the concept itself is unproven, NSID has a well-documented reputation for developing potentially world-changing technologies (see the iRock, a power-generating rocking chair, and the Nebula 12, a light fixture that can bring outdoor weather into your home or office).

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Image: No More Woof