No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Go Green


We interrupt your normal EcoSalon programming for an urgent public service message, Dire, really.

Is the world’s favourite super-spy greening up his act?

Coming soon to a big screen near you is Quantum of Solace, the second outing for Daniel Craig’s reimagined James Bond. (Sadly, ladies, he won’t be wearing any more skimpy swimming costumes – Craig has vowed to keep his pants on for the immediate future). This time round, Bond has a greenwasher in his sights. Mathieu Amalric plays the owner of an eco-resort that’s a front for – you guessed it – an attempt to take over the world.

As much as I like the idea of greenwashers being hunted by the cream of the Secret Service, I can’t exactly see Bond agonizing over his carbon footprint. (And all those explosions must have raised global temperatures by a few degrees). In real life too, the franchise’s green credentials recently came under attack for promoting the Aston Martin DBS – a car recently ranked by the Environmental Transport Association as amongst the 10 least environmentally friendly cars to drive. (Ecorazzi has the full story).

Is this fair criticism? Well, judging by the speed at which those La Perla Grigioperla trunks have been flying off the shelves, the saturation-level product placement in Casino Royale had a major influence on consumers. James Bond is a little too obsessed with blowing things up to be a true eco-warrior, but if he starts sporting suits, gadgets and vehicles that are eco-friendlier…he might just help save the world. (Again).

Image: Sony Pictures

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