No Sweat Tees


A t-shirt is a t-shirt is a t-shirt.

Not true – any lover of tees would vehemently oppose such a statement. All of us have a favorite – the one that fits just so; the one we can count on when all else fails.

So it won’t surprise you to know that an eco-friendly, organic cotton tee also isn’t just an eco-friendly, organic cotton tee. At least according to No Sweat, whose tees are 100% union-made and sweatshop-free. Not an easy undertaking in today’s world.

No Sweat’s 100% organic cotton tees and other casual clothing are manufactured by independent trade union members throughout the United States, Canada and other developing countries. For example, in an attempt to help resolve the Middle East conflict, No Sweat sourced a West Bank factory to manufacturer their organic cotton tees.

The Organic Bethlehem Unisex No Logo Tee is $15 and available in a wide array of sizes and colors. For a more stylish fit try the Women’s Organic Bethlehem No Logo Tee, also $15 and available in sage green, black, white and slate grey. You’ll love the cap sleeves and the way it hugs your curves. If promoting fair trade is your message of the moment, the Women’s Organic Bethlehem Fair Trade Tee is white with a logo printed in black natural water-based ink. It runs $18 and is available in sizes Small through 2x- Large.

Check out No Sweat for yourself – the tees provide plenty of peaceful, eco and fair trade messages to promote, as well as a style and fit for everyone.