Nuns Gone Green in NYC


BlackBerries, legal pads and architectural blueprints don’t sound like the usual items one would find Nuns gathered around. But then, the Episcopal sisters of the Community of the Holy Spirit in New York City have never been ones to follow the trend. They are, instead trend makers, especially with their newest mission – the building of a green convent. And I”Ëœm not talking green paint here.

These nuns are totally focused on ensuring that the environmental impact of this convent will be as minimal as possible. Having hired Chelsea based BKSK Architects to oversee the project, they are now ironing out the details, all the way down to whether or not to install composting toilets.

The new eco-convent will be built from recycled bricks and feature skylights, rooftop gardens (where organic fruit and vegetables will be grown), solar-power water heaters and energy efficient heating, rainwater collection, and natural construction materials.

Why so green? The Sisters believe that the earth is God’s creation and should be protected at all times. In other words, green living is more than choice, it’s a calling.

Learn more about the Sisters of the Community of the Holy Spirit and their decade-long journey to merge ecological concerns into their daily ministry with this beautifully written New York Times article. It’s a story worth reading.

Image: katiebate