NYFW: Falling in Love, Costello Tagliapietra Style

Through subtle color and feminine silhouettes, Costello Tagliapietra evokes an air of sultry love.

Color is emotion. It evokes the dramatic and the subtle, from clarity, to confidence, to anger and love. As the forthcoming Costello Tagliapietra Spring/Summer 2013 season swooned down the runway this week, sensuality collided with intensity—passion—just the feeling Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, the design duo behind the line, were channeling.

Dusty pinks, shades of coral, frosted blues and olive greens painted the palette—a softer take on their oft-vibrant splashes—spoke to the “sultry softness and sweetness,” they dreamed of, Tagliapietra tells EcoSalon.  “We were really taken by pre-Raphaelite paintings.  The brushstrokes of quartz roses…,” says Tagliapietra.  “And, then the bright shoots of colors at the end of the stroke,” adds Costello.

Costello Tagliapietra are known for their use of AirDye technology, a form of digital printing that uses no additional water during the actual dying process, and allows for simultaneous double-sided printing of a textile.  It’s one of the secrets, the pair agree, behind their multi-dimensional color palettes and the eye-play that happens when a women’s walk reveals the interior side of the fabric—often printed in a different design from the exterior.

“With this collection, we really played with the different colors to see how they would interact on the fabric and what emotions they would evoke,” Costello tells us. “We want to evoke the feeling of having fun, feeling alive and being in love,” the pair share, almost simultaneously.

Body skimming silhouettes peak just beyond the ordinary through gathering, ruching and draping. “Caressing,” says Tagliapietra, “the women who wears it.”  Many of the pieces are made from synthetics—primarily polyester—“the best textile when Air Dying textiles,” says Tagliapietra.  “But,” adds Costello, “it doesn’t look and feel synthetic.”

In their sixth runway season as a design team, marked by their winning the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award in 2005, and their eighteenth year together as a couple, it’s no wonder Costello Tagliapietra is feeling the love.

Backstage: Designers Jeffrey Costello (left) and Robert Tagliapietra (right).

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Images: Jennifer Barckley

Jennifer Barckley

Jennifer currently resides in New York City where she covers eco fashion and beauty for EcoSalon.