NYFW: John Patrick ORGANIC Keeps Clean Lines in Focus

Clean lines, menswear inspired and conscious of the body’s every movement.

John Patrick debuted his Unplugged, Authentic Spring/Summer 2013 Collection during New York Fashion Week beneath vaulted glass ceilings. The bright sun from above filled the crisp white space and set a tone of purity for this ORGANIC collection.

In a press release, Patrick explained that his collection was all about using textiles to explore the original brand DNA. This became immediately apparent as models walked the minimalistic space in garments that were strikingly simplistic and deliberate celebrations of the sustainable fabrics from which they were cut. Patrick used recycled nylon and gauze, organic cotton, linen, and artisanal guipure lace, all within a color palette that ranged from nude to off-white with a sprinkling of navies and blacks.

The combination of clean colors and textiles was characteristically simple of ORGANIC and put the focus on the silhouette of each garment, which Patrick described generally as “not body conscious but conscious of the body.”

Truly, each garment – from the boxier jackets to the long, flowing dresses – supported this theme. The pieces didn’t hug the body tightly so much as create a unique silhouette around it with the intent to flatter women in an interesting way.

Patrick took into account both the masculine and feminine shapes for spring. While some garments embraced femininity with extremely sheer fabric, ultra short skirts, plunging necklines, and lacy dresses, others seemed to ignore it altogether.

Though Patrick blurred the lines of gender-specific fashion and used only basic shapes and colors, the real focus was on the fabrics used in the collection. Ultimately, any woman, whether a yogi or a buttoned-up businesswoman, can enjoy the versatility of his line, which is primed for spring layering and clean, sophisticated style.

Here are some quintessential looks from his collection.