10 Free Objects From Nature to Decorate Your Home


Got the itch to redecorate but limited funds? If you’re in need of some inexpensive decor, just look outside. Plenty of options can be found in your own backyard, compliments of Mother Earth. Our friends at Apartment Therapy Re-Nest recently compiled a list of Natural Objects You Can Use In Your Home, and I came up with some more to get your scavenger hunt started.

Stones and Pebbles


Fill a bowl or small glass vase with pebbles or stack stones to create an ornamental cairn. They also make stylish paperweights for your office.



To make your own miniature Zen garden, just fill a shallow dish with sand and add some pebbles for an elegant tabletop accent infused with Eastern culture.



Those traditional rubber doorstops may do the job but without any oomph. Instead, use a rock.



Looking for an excuse to schedule a beach day? As you stroll along the shoreline, collect an assortment of shells to adorn your mantle or bare shelves in seaside style.

Tree Branches


Mount a sturdy branch on empty wall space to hang your coats, keys and purses in rustic beauty, or simply serve as an artistic statement.



Fill a floor vase with reeds and garnish a lonely corner in minimalist sophistication.

Tree Stumps


Tree stump side and end tables are a popular décor trend that you can easily create at home. Visit Martha Stewart Living for step-by-step instructions.

Sea Glass


While you’re combing the coast for seashells, keep your eye out for sea glass as well. These colorful pieces of smoothed litter make fabulous accents.



Hang eucalyptus from your curtain rod to bring the outdoors in and infuse this space with a fresh scent.



Once you have a basket full of seashells and sea glass, look for beached driftwood. Depending on its size and shape, it can be transformed into a unique coffee table or shelf.

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