Ode to a Rich Hippie


For richer or poorer, we make promises on the fragrant vow of a bohemian wedding. A spritz of bliss, a splash of devotion as you wade through the musky fog of a purple haze. Spring back flower child, as you transform chameleon-like to a foxy lady. Or perhaps play a little hoochie coochie during this summer of love. Experience one of these many personas presented by Rich Hippie wildcrafted perfumes.

Aptly named, Rich Hippie creator Nannette Pallrand stays true to the lifestyle of her California home base. Made using traditional methods employed by perfumers before World War II and the advent of the petro-chemical industry (read 100% natural), she answers the call of the Left Coasters who demand a pure alternative to laboratory-concocted scents. By combining extracts from organically-farmed flowers and plants with organic alcohol made from grapes grown in the great wine regions of California, these fragrances are truly natural and create a dynamic reaction on the skin to uplift the senses.

Rich Hippie’s dedication to purity has made it popular with all kinds of women all over the world (not just our granola sisters). The perfumes have been featured in Elle, British Vogue, Organic Style, Body & Soul, and many other publications. Nanette has crafted a uniquely in-demand product and there’s nothing quite like the sweet (or earthy Sumatran patchouli) smell of success.