Office Plants Make You Happy


Employees who bring plants to decorate their office space are happier and more satisfied with their job and their life in general, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, the plants will fill your space with life-enhancing oxygen (if you’ve ever been to an oxygen bar, you’ll know how wonderful that extra boost can be).

Here we are – living, breathing humans – unnaturally placed in a cubicle or office of non-living furniture and technological equipment. The natural beauty and life energy (we can call it chi) of a plant in this kind of environment is going to be beneficial.

Then there’s your interaction with the plant. You have to nurture it! You become a caretaker for life, however short that may be (shorter for some of us than others).

However, this begs the question: are the employees who bring plants to work the ones that are already happier to begin with (thus more motivated to spruce up their office), or is it the plants that make them happy? Maybe you should give it a try and see. Even a fresh bouquet of flowers may impact how you feel at work.

Image: Laure Wayaffe