Elbow Grease and Eco Mops


I’ve made peace with housework, but I still loathe mopping. I save that dreaded chore for last, when the kitchen floor is just too dirty to keep ignoring.

So what do I use to mop? My broom closet features an old fashioned string mop, but since I have to squeeze out the excess water by hand, using it becomes up becoming wet and unwieldy.

Method gives us the Omop, and though it is ergonomic and uses corn-based, compostable sweeping cloths, I see it as just another plastic product. The essence of green means creatively using what we already have instead of producing and buying new stuff all the time.


Speaking of creative reuse, we were given a Swiffer, which has a goofy name but works well. Once all the spare Swiffer pads ran out, I used it to push a wet rag around the floor, which go right to the wash. If you’re crafty, check out these ideas for DIY reusable Swiffer pads. Very green and very sustainable.

If you don’t mind being old fashioned, consider getting on your hands and knees for those tough spots. I know, this sounds like a flashback to Cinderella, but if your kitchen isn’t too big (and mine isn’t), then it’s really not a big deal to use your body and put some elbow grease into it. I certainly wouldn’t want to become a slave to my floor, but for occasional cleaning, I don’t mind.

What’s your mopping method? How do you deal with this arduous chore?

Image: hive