One Teenager Makes a Difference for the Women of Darfur


A lot of people talk, but real change requires action. I’m inspired by one person who has made a difference for hundreds of women in Darfur. And he’s only 17.

From his suburban home in Maryland, Spencer Brodsky kept hearing about the extreme dangers faced by the women of Darfur when they leave the relative safety of the refugee camps to scour the desert for firewood for cooking. Women often have to walk miles in their search and risk the possibility of being murdered or raped – frightfully common in that region – each time they venture away. (Sexual assault is a “way of life” for the women of Darfur, and the international political community has been slow to help.)

Brodsky decided to raise money to buy efficient stoves for these women, requiring only ¼ of the wood, so they wouldn’t have to risk their safety and lives nearly as often. He’s raised enough money to send 420 stoves over. It’s a small step towards healing in the Darfur region, but it’s a truly compassionate one and it comes from the heart. We need people like Spencer who don’t allow distance, age or any other factor keep them from doing what they know is right.

Find out more if you’d like to make a donation to Stoves For Darfur. We hope you’ll consider it.

Image: hdptcar