One Million Acts of Green Starts with One


The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) wants to mobilize Canadians to do One Million Acts of Green.

Defining an Act of Green as any opportunity to help the environment by reducing your greenhouse emissions, the One Million Acts of Green website has dozens of acts listed in categories such as Everyday Habits, Home (Easy Projects), Home (Big Projects), Transportation and Community. Each act comes with a description about the act and how it will benefit the environment. Anyone (not just Canadians) can register and start logging in their acts of green.

It’s a great concept that seems to be picking up steam. Launched less than a month ago, on October 21st, participants have already logged in a quarter of a million acts of green which has reduced greenhouse emissions by over 13 million kilograms.

Always keen to do my part for the environment, I registered and went looking through the listed acts, starting with the Everyday Habits category. I thought I was pretty green, but going down the list, I suddenly realized that some of my everyday habits, such as not turning off the computer when not in use, wasn’t really best green practice. In fact, wandering around the website made me acutely aware of how many acts of green I was missing out on. Small and simple, they would be so easy to do. So I’m going to consider One Million Acts of Green a checklist of things to do and then start doing them. I challenge you to do the same.

Image: e-magic