‘Orange Is the New Black’ and More Feminist Summer Fun: That Happened


ColumnSummer is here and it’s time to kick it feminist style—here’s what to watch, hear and see this summer!

Binge Watch: “Orange Is the New Black”

June 6. My excitement about this date (aka: TODAY) cannot be measured with existing technology. “Orange Is the New Black” season two is going to hit Netflix and I am going to hit the couch. I have a love/hate relationship with this new trend of releasing an entire season in one day so we can all binge watch. I feel like you miss some of the nuance and texture—like reading a book just for the plot and skimming over all of the descriptive text the writer worked so hard to create. On the other hand, I can spend 13 hours with the women of Litchfield! Swirl, swirl…

Go to the Movies: “Obvious Child”

An abortion ro-co? I’m in! Usually, when a character has an abortion in a movie, she has to pay. Not “pay” like write a check to Planned Parenthood, but pay on some deeper karmic level. She has to lose something—her mind, her ability to have kids later in life when she’s ready, her relationship, her dignity, her life, etc. Word on the street is that “Obvious Child” paints a realistic picture of what abortion looks like for many women: It’s something that happens but doesn’t have to be the thing that defines you. (Now playing)

Go to a Show: Pussy Riot, Miley and More 

Am I really saying this? Yes. I am. Miley Cyrus is touring this summer and, try as I might, I can’t help but be tempted want to get tickets. From saying she’s one of the world’s biggest feminists to declaring that, really, she’s just all about equality for everyone, Miley is interesting. But I get it. She’s not for everyone and, if you can’t take one more twerk, hit Riot Fest and check out Pussy Riot, Tegan and Sara and lots of other great musicians who won’t leave you feeling conflicted about your values. (Lineups vary by city)

Read a Book: “Mountain to Mountain: A Journey of Adventure and Activism for the Women of Afghanistan”

I can’t wait to read Shannon Galpin’s book about the work she’s been doing to launch an Afghan women’s national cycling team. Galpin started her non-profit, Mountain2Mountain to connect communities and cultures and work to empower women living in conflict zones. The name also ties to the subtext of an old Persian proverb, “No matter how high the mountain, there’s always a road.” And on that road? Women on bicycles! Culturally, it’s been an uphill battle, but she and her team of dedicated volunteers are working hard to make her dream a reality. Check out Galpin‘s memoir when it’s released by St. Martin’s on September 16.

What else should we see, read and listen to this summer?

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