Orange Knockout!


Orange TKO is wonderful stuff: it’s a highly-concentrated multipurpose cleaner and de-greaser made from orange peels that is organic and delivers an energizing burst of natural fragrance.

I first came across Orange TKO at an eco-product expo, and I was immediately impressed by the live stain-removal demonstration. This isn’t just a cleaner that has a cursory bit of orange extract in it, but rather the authentic substance. It cleans windows, carpets, floors, counters, sinks – virtually every surface.


This refreshing cleaner is non-toxic. What I particularly like is that it is safe for use around pets and children, yet strong enough for industrial cleanup. My house smells like a citrus orchard in Ojai on cleaning day and I love knowing that what I’m using is biodegradable and safe to inhale. There are no more chemical cleaning products with poison warning labels under my sink!

Image: Christine (bpc)