Ecosalon Recipes: Organic Vodka Faves Plus 3 Cocktail Recipes


Having a drink has just gotten more respectable. With organic vodkas taking the stage, and recipes that include fruit high in antioxidants and fiber, happy hour can almost be salubrious.

Three brands to know about:

 - Square One Vodka

Made from organic rye grown in North Dakota, this vodka is produced in a distillery that gets 25% of its energy from wind-generated power. The label is printed on paper made from bamboo, bagasse (pulpy residue from cane juice extraction) and cotton, all of which are sustainable grown and renewable fiber sources. 750 ml bottle is $32.99 at K & L Wine Merchants.

 -Sunshine Vodka

Grain is grown on a cooperative of family-owned farms in Vermont. All grain is certified organic and GMO-free by Oregon Tilth. 750 ml bottle is $23.99 at D&M Wines and Liquors.

 - Tru Vodka

This vodka is made from organic American wheat and comes in three flavors: traditional; lemon, which is infused with hand-zested organic California lemons; and vanilla, which is infused with hand scraped organic bourbon vanilla beans. All packaging is recyclable, and they plant a tree for every bottle sold to replenish forests. 750 ml bottle is $32.99 at K&L Wine Merchants or TRU organic vodka.

Here are three recipes sent along by Tru cofounder Lity Mathew:

- Drinking the Blues

Take advantage of antioxidants and fiber by eating the fruit, not just using the juice.

Use a handful of organic blueberries, blackberries and marionberries (a hybrid blackberry) either fresh or frozen, a squeeze of lemon, mint, stevia to taste, and 2 oz. of TRU Organic Lemon vodka, chilled.

Muddle berries with lemon, mint, and Stevia until juices flow. Pour into glass with some or all of the berries. Stir in vodka.

-Pear Fizz

Pears are a great source of fiber.

Use chopped organic pear, thyme, a splash of sparkling apple juice, and 2 oz. of TRU Organic Vanilla, chilled.

Muddle pear and thyme in a bowl. Spoon into glass. Top with TRU Vanilla and sparkling apple juice. Stir lightly.

- Roasted Tomato Martini

Since cooking tomatoes releases lycopene, add a handful of roasted tomatoes.

Mash a handful of roasted tomatoes (see below)* to make tomato liquid, and make sure you have 2 oz. of TRU Organic Straight vodka, chilled.

Place 3-4 roasted tomatoes at bottom of glass and pour tomato liquid over. Pour vodka and stir gently.

*Roast/broil a tray of cherry tomatoes with salt, a touch of olive oil, and black pepper until the tomatoes shrink. Save a few for garnish, and place the rest in a bowl. Dress with lots of lemon, chopped cilantro and red onion to taste and, if adventurous, jalapeño. Smash with a spoon to release liquid.

Image: Gabyu

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