Osklen’s Spring 2013 collection, ‘Endless Summer’ Suits California Dreamers

Whether you live in California, or just wish you did, Osklen’s latest collection is great fashion for every season.

Oh, what to wear? It’s all so confusing. Fashion’s current focus is spring next year. Midwesterners and East Coasters are mindful of crispening fall days but here in San Francisco; our famed Indian summer is just getting going. And lets not forget L.A. Where, apart from two wet and mad weeks in February; the sun shines in a-year-round haze – perfect conditions for growing ego’s the size of prize-winning pumpkins.

Seasonless dressing is not a new concept in fashion. Witness the growing recognition of intra-season resort collections, their relaxed easy-to-wear styles more suited to modern women’s wardrobe needs. Where previously we shopped for both casual and elegant clothes, now we need elegant casual clothes that take us all through every busy day of our lives in all manner of guises.

From my vantage point, one collection from the current New York shows really resonated. Brazilian brand Osklen, debuted its “Endless Summer” collection as a paen to California’s beachy aesthetic.

Known for their use of environmentally-friendly materials like salmon skin (a commonly discarded byproduct of the fishing industry) and vegetable dyed silks, Osklen’s first collection shown at New York fashion Week was crafted in surf-ready neoprene and an environmentally sustainable silk straw “e-fabric” developed by the brand’s creative director, Oscar Metsavaht.

Straight skirts, cigarette pants and tunics with dramatic slashed necklines had enough structure to convey a tailored look but remained fluid like gentle waves lapping the shoreline. Reoccurring digital prints on filmy organza of palm tree landscapes in saturated sunset colors further tempered the edgier vibe of the sleek silhouettes. The menswear-inspired capes and gilets cut from the newly developed “e-fabric” provided a rustic and grounding counterpoint.

Like Holly Golightly on beach patrol, the stunning evening gowns were cut in languid slit columns, perfect for a starlit stroll on the sand. In fact every detail, and especially the notably colorful and low-heeled shoes, suggested the collection’s beach readiness.

In the show’s notes, Osklen sets the scene for the collection as an “imagined summer day that wanders… a road trip along PCH1 (Pacific Coast Highway 1).” Describing the end result as “neither retro nor futuristic. It is modern,” Osklen captures perfectly California’s unique seasonless style and every woman’s golden state daydream.

Rowena Ritchie

Rowena is EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Editor and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.