Our Love of Olive Oil May Destroy the Mediterranean


Olive oil has won the world over with its beneficial, heart healthy monounsaturated fat and distinct flavor. But in order to meet with the huge demand for this wondrous oil, some pretty aggressive agricultural practices are destroying Mediterranean ecosystems.

Parts of Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal are being densely packed with olive trees, heavily irrigated and treated with chemical fertilizers to meet with high consumer demand. Soil erosion is becoming a big problem and desertification could be coming soon. Spain, which has suffered from years of drought, uses 80% of its water to grow olives.  Not so good for its people.

So what’s a culinary epicurean to do? Buy your olive oil closer to home. My personal favorite is Tehama Gold, organically grown in northern California and family owned and operated. Let’s support the industries that are actually built to thrive and survive.

Source: Telegraph

Image: wollombi