Outsapop's Trashion Is Cool DIY Fashion


I was an artistic kid, but I had not an ounce of interest in learning how to sew, much to my mother’s chagrin.

She was quite the seamstress. Her Singer sat prominently in our playroom where she’d stitch and sew me new dresses, always searching for the coolest Vogue patterns”¦but nothing could change my mind. In the years since, I’ve had brief pangs of regret but they never lasted long. The kinds of crafts I like are more of the random sans-pattern variety, which is probably why I’m drawn to OutsaPop Trashion.

Here’s a classic case of DIY. OutsaPop’s real name is Outi, a self-proclaimed “crafty fashion addicted girl from Finland…[who’s] most into customizing clothes for herself.” Her brand of sewing involves secondhand sweater reconstruction and the rules she follows are all her own.

Take the Lightning knitwear sweater (above) she made using material from three of four thrift store finds. Interested in making your own? Her detailed tutorial guides you through each step – and voilà, your old clothes are transformed into something new and unique.

You can see more of her reconstructed creations on flickr and at OutsaPop.