Papervore Coffee Table: Part Conversation Piece, Part Paper Eater


Multi-functional furniture like the ottomans with extra storage inside? A media console that houses our tech gadgets and a few rows of books, too? Love it all. But those can hardly compete with the awesomeness that is pigeontail design’s papervore coffee table.

See, this clever contraption serves as paper shredder, coffee table, and conversation piece. It actually “eats” paper as you feed it through the slot at the top and turn the crank, then the colorful paper shreds becomes part of your décor until you’re ready to recycle it.

The papervore is made of bent, powder-coated aluminum for a sleek, modern look. Its hand crank eliminates the need for electricity or unsightly cords (and ensures that you don’t accidentally shred anything important.)

We love the idea of making something practical like a paper shredder into a focal point of the living room, rather than something you hide in a corner until you’re ready to use it. And now that we think about it, you could store or display other items in the clear tray, since it pulls out when you need to remove the paper. Maybe a colorful vase or a stack of books?