Party Planning with a Punch


Yesterday proved it: there’s just no denying I’m a type A. I was about to pump gas into my car (legal in the state of Massachusetts) so one hand was tied up; my cell phone rang (other hand now working) so I proceeded to choose my low-grade fuel by kneeing the machine. It worked swimmingly, and I happily multitasked while the 23-degree Boston wind whipped around me.

My point is that my list of personal favorites includes all things efficient, and preferably green. So you can imagine the joy I found when I learned about, the uber-efficient, hip and stylish way to organize, plan, and send out upscale paperless invitations and e-cards for free via email, Facebook and Twitter. There’s also an e-store to purchase party supplies online by genre, such as that perfect Christmas ornament, Hanukkah candles, New Year’s hats and horns or a mini goalpost for that Super Bowl bash.

If you can think past the thaw, there are even paper jalapeno peppers for Cinco de Mayo. Did I mention free party planning ideas and recipes? If guests are planning to come to your soiree from out of town, there’s a travel center to streamline the best, most efficient way to get there. Photo sharing and message boards keep the after party going for as long as you’d like. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. If only I had another arm.

Image: pasotraspaso