Picnic Picks


Summer is the era of casual picnics and easy, light impromptu meals. Be ready for those glorious impromptu meals with these picnic picks that are easy and light on mother earth. With such a delicious gathering of commodities, your eyes will be as satisfied as your stomach.

Indulge in the illusion of luxurious silverware with this Picnic Cutlery Set ($5 per set). Enjoy your clean conscious after scraping your Biodegradable Plate clean because these sugar cane fiber creations are completely compostable, biodegradable, and affordable (starting at $5.50 for a pack of 10).

Not to be outdone by your plates, the biodegradable Wasara Tumbler is a mixture of sugar cane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp; these lovely little vessels can deliver hot or cold liquid to thirsty lips ($10 for a pack of six). The Buckley Organic Blanket (starting at $59.95) provides a soft place to rest while you savor picnic wares – plus, no one will notice if you spill a little mustard or drop a deviled egg. 

And finally, a gaggle of bugs you actually invited to the blanket, each Beetle Napkin provides ample absorbent cotton ($27 for a set of four).

Now head over to the Food and Recipes section and peruse scrumptious culinary delights to pack up for the picnic – and don’t forget the bug spray.