Places & Spaces:Terreanea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Just 30 miles southwest from downtown Los Angeles, Terreana Resort aims to complement its greatest natural asset – the Pacific Ocean.

Inspired by the Spanish explorers who discovered the Southern California coastline in the 1500s, Terreanea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California sits on 102 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The architecture and design complement the natural asset of its location by seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces to take full advantage of the climate and unobstructed views.

Terreanea Resort is located just 30 miles southwest from downtown LA. It’s owned by Destination Hotels & Resorts, the fourth largest independent hospitality management company in the country. Through the company’s Destination Earth program, they are committed to creating a new benchmark for each hotel and resort through a series of environmental initiatives.

While Terreanea has many eco-friendly features, the landscaping is what really makes an impression. Because the resort sits partially on restored native habitat areas, strict attention has been paid specifically to the planting of native plant species and trees. The resort’s eco friendly golf course also plays a large role in the landscaping. Irrigation water is treated in vegetated channels called Bioswales, created wetlands which “contain plant species known for their ability to remediate polluted water and soil through sedimentation, filtration, absorption, and vegetative uptake.” Not only does this mean that it enhances the water quality, but it also provides habitat for many avian and aquatic species.

It’s been said that every family member will be entertained at Terreanea, including your pooch. With tons of activities, a spa, and its several restaurants, kids and adults alike will not be disappointed.

If you go: Dolphins and whales can be spotted right from your room. Rates start at approximately $350.00USD per night.

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