Places & Spaces: Adrère Amellal, Cairo, Egypt

Merging perfectly with the environment, Adrere Amellal in Cairo, Egypt is a magical place for those seeking a quiet sanctuary.

To say that Adrère Amellal is “absolutely fascinating” seems, to us, a bit of an understatement. The truth is we were in complete awe when we came across this sandcastle-looking eco-lodge in Cairo, Egypt. It’s like stepping back in time, replete with breathtaking open views of a shimmering and pristine Siwa Lake and the Sahara Desert. Electricity has been banned, so guests must use oil lamps, candles, and the moonlight to guide them.

Each of the 40 hand-built rooms are unique, constructed with traditional techniques using palm roofing, mud, and rock salt, while the doors and furniture are made of olivewood. The spring-fed Roman pool is one of just a few found in the world. The food, which is mostly organic, is sourced locally and while lunch is served at the pool each day, dinner is served somewhere different every night, lit by the stars and beeswax candles.

Clearly, Adrère Amellal is not your traditional hotel. Relying completely on solar energy, it’s a magical place for those seeking a quiet (yet luxurious) sanctuary, while also being in a flexible environment. It’s been said that the night is so peaceful you can almost hear the stars.

If you go: Make sure to explore the community, which is full of ancient ruins and spectacular natural landscapes.  The local “Siwan” craftsmanship is celebrated for its exquisitely embroidered garments and stunning silver jewelry. Rates start at $605.00 USD.

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