Places & Spaces: Aire de Bardenas, Spain

Aire de Bardenas is the ultimate cube hotel.

Zone out – taking in fields of gently rippling wheat or a moonscape of pebbles – among an endless horizon outside of a cozy cube. Welcome to Aire de Bardenas in the Spanish province of Navarre.

Navarre isn’t famous for much save wind farms, the San Fermin Festival and its Pamplona bull run, and…asparagus. Visitors are surprised to find such an avant-garde, award-winning gem here. (Aire de Bardenas has received 22 design and architecture awards.)

This is minimalism taken to its leanest extreme, with razor-edged cubes to match the unforgiving landscape of semi-desert and rocky peaks. If you like colorful decorations and soft curves, book elsewhere; low-slung, angular white concrete dominates.


The 22 guestrooms and suites have either patios, some with fruit trees and outdoor bath tubs, or views to the fields. Decor is characteristically simple: pale wooden beds, black or white square baths (round ones outside), white bed linen and those big, beautiful windows.

The monochrome restaurant, naturally, boasts its own organic vegetable garden. Regimented rows of asparagus, artichokes and more are visible from the dining room. Also featured: upcycled chic. Old wooden packing crates are used as fences/wind-breaks around the hotel, including by the swimming pool.

Rates from $252, including tax, breakfast and a little slice of heaven for vegetarians.

Images: Aire de Bardenas, Splendia, Escapio

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Fiona Flores Watson

Fiona Flores Watson covers Places & Spaces for EcoSalon and currently resides in Seville, Spain.