Places & Spaces: CityFlatsHotel in Holland, Michigan

The CityFlatsHotel in downtown Holland, Michigan offers guests an eco-friendly experience without compromising style or luxury.

As the first hotel in the Midwest to receive LEED Gold Certification, the CityFlatsHotel in Holland, Michigan boasts sweeping views of downtown and Lake Macatawa, a small body of water that leads to the magnificent beaches of Lake Michigan. No two rooms are alike at CityFlatsHotel, making each of the 56 eco-friendly suites a unique experience.

The CityFlatsHotel was designed and manufactured with carefully selected green materials and technologies. For example, to save energy, curtains are lined with a black-out fabric, the countertops are made from recycled glass and concrete, and instead of carpeting, cork flooring tiles are used. Additionally, large windows throughout the hotel maximize natural lighting, while master switches turn off all lighting when a guest leaves the guestroom. Occupancy sensors power down the heating and cooling system when it is not needed.

CityVū Bistro on the fifth floor keeps it local, as it’s considered among the best among foodies here. Fresh locally-sourced ingredients contribute to a creative and healthy menu (fryers and frozen foods won’t be found anywhere near their kitchen).

If you go: Take note of the locally made CityDrem mattresses as well as the sheets, blankets, towels and duvet covers. They’ve been so popular that guests can now buy them for their own homes. Rates start at $149USD per night.

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