Places & Spaces: Hotel Sezz, St. Tropez, France

Guests at the Hotel Sezz in St. Tropez can indulge guilt-free while taking in warm, ocean breezes.

Known for its glamor, St. Tropez is a destination where the rich and famous play. And while luxurious yachts and private jets are many times the main transportation to and from this resort town in the French Riviera, the Hotel Sezz is one hotel that is making a difference.

Hotel Sezz was built with a mission of being an elegant structure while incorporating international ecological building practices. Incorporating the hotel into its natural surroundings was an important goal of its builders, and they saved nearly every tree on the site. The restaurant and bar (that’s, the Dom Pérignon bar), are constructed from local sandstone in pale grey, embossed cement and panels of aged, stained wood. The spa at Hotel Sezz incorporates materials that are typical of Provençal style and spa products are all derived from plants so guests can indulge guilt-free.

Built of “light and air,” the Hotel Sezz is said to be a unique yet most luxurious addition to St. Tropez, where guests can “smell and feel salt water and warm breezes from their beds and baths.”

If you go: St. Tropez is an amazing city so guests are encouraged to borrow bikes from the hotel to pedal to the beach and around town. Rates start at approximately $650.00 per night USD.

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