Places & Spaces: Juvet Landscape Hotel

The Juvet Landscape Hotel is a combination of unique rooms amid stunning Norwegian topography.

The Juvet Landscape Hotel consists of a handful of independent structures sprinkled around the site in Alstad, Norway. Bold architectural cubes nestled in a spectacular natural location offer an intimate setting with geography.

This destination is a series of simple rooms in the forest to nurture your relationship with nature, designed by the talented Jensen & Skodvin Architecture. The wild topography boasts seven unique individual rooms with a single glass wall, inviting the admiration of scenery.

“On a sheer river bank, amongst birch, aspen, pine and Nature-sculpted boulders, lies Juvet, Europe’s first landscape hotel. At first glance, the seven detached guest rooms seem modest and unassuming. But when you open the door and go in, it’s as if Nature rushes in to greet you through the massive panoramic windows. You can almost feel the trees brushing against you, and the snow-white drops of spray from the river Valldøla on your face.”

The surroundings are ripe for adventure, offering skiing, camping, hiking, fjord exploration, rafting, the opportunity to blaze your own trail and gorgeous scenery all around. The hotel itself is stunning, and it’s adjacent to the National Tourist Route, 18 miles of breathtaking scenery stretching from the coast to the mountainous core of Norway.

Rates start at $225/night (per person) – wilderness adventure, natural inspiration, and dramatic architecture included.

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