Plan Your Earth Dinner for Earth Day


Every holiday has its feast, right? As more people than ever before make vital connections between the ways we grow and produce food and the environment, it only makes sense that we should celebrate Earth Day with a righteous and delicious dinner of organic and local foods.

Organic Valley Family of Farms, the independent cooperative of more than 1200 organic farmers, continues its tradition of promoting Earth Dinners for Earth Day 2008, in partnership with many wonderful environmental organizations.

The Earth Dinner 2008 theme is “Respect the Earth: Meat in Balance and Moderation.” For those planning a feast at home, visit EarthDinner for free recipes and ideas, and purchase a clever deck of Earth Dinner Cards for $10 to help create community and conversation about food and what it means for us and for the planet; proceeds are donated to support farmers. If you’re planning a nonprofit or campus event, you may be eligible for some help with cards or products from Organic Valley; see site for details.

If you prefer to dine out, restaurants from Maine to Hawaii are participating with all kinds of options, from special menus to public potlucks. Private events and fundraisers are also scheduled, from a Farmer Appreciation Dinner at the Kitchen Café in Boulder, Colo., to a Heifer International fundraiser at the Fowler Museum at the University of California at Los Angeles. It’s not too late to plan your dinner; visit the Earth Dinner site today to spur your imagination and appetite.

Image: Earth Dinner