Greetings That Grow on You


My husband (a.k.a. Eco Cop) will go kicking and screaming into a card store at the last minute to select a Valentine’s Day greeting for me. He is convinced that greeting cards are a consumerism scam and that card companies are profiting from the theory we are special one day of the year. Like many other eco cops, he argues the paper is wasted on sentiments that should be evergreen. I’ve had to adjust to this sort of cynicism, having sprung from a family that buys multiple cards and urges the recipient to read each one aloud.

But I think even my husband, an avid vegetable gardener, might appreciate these cards which live on not just in your heart but in your garden.

The Plantable Greeting Cards from Botanical Paperworks are designed by Kal Barteski and are printed on 100% post-consumer waste fiber and seed-embedded paper. The recipient plants the cards and, voila, wildflowers pop up faster than Jack’s beanstalk. How natural! The six cards included in the package are: Spread Joy, Breathe, Seek Peace, Live Passionately, Refresh Within and Become Happiness. What eco enthusiast wouldn’t approve of these notions?

Each card measures 4×6 inches folded and includes envelopes in brown, blue and green. $22 for the set.

If you aren’t a wildflower fan, you can opt for cards infused with herb seeds or a Plantable Seed Calendar for 2009. All of these creative and sustainable products are available at Olive Barn. Spring planting is right around the corner, so get busy and send these messages to someone you love.


Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.