Playlist: Indie Rock Covers by Female Vocalists

Indie rock plus female vocalists equals one killer playlist. 

Thanks to our friends at Indie Shuffle for this exclusive playlist, featuring some of our favorite female voices like Lykke Li and Sunday Girl.

From Indie Shuffle:

What’s Indie Shuffle? It’s a music discovery blog run by site founder Jason Grishkoff and editor-in-chief Hannah Simon. What sets the site apart from the countless other music blogs out there is our “smart” streaming player — it generates a curated playlist of similar tracks and artists every time you hit “play” on Indie Shuffle. With 30+ contributors, we try to post everything from obscure hip-hop to folk, frequently learning towards electronic-infused indie rock. But we also have a certain soft spot for cover tracks — especially those with gorgeous female vocals — so today, we’re excited to share with you our 15 favorite songs covered by female artists!

Indie Rock Covers by Female Vocalists from EcoSalon on 8tracks.


  1. The Suburbs (Mr. Little Jeans Cover) – Arcade Fire
  2. Bloodbuzz Ohio (Oh Land Cover) – The National
  3. Creep (Ingrid Michaelson Cover) – Radiohead
  4. Silver Springs (Lykke Li Cover) – Fleetwood Mac
  5. Oblivion (Maya Lana Cover) – Grimes
  6. 7 Nation Army (Zella Day Cover) – The White Stripes
  7. High For This (Ellie Goulding Cover) – The Weeknd
  8. I Wanna Be Sedated (Superhumanoids Cover) – The Ramones
  9. Paper Planes (Beautiful Small Machines Cover) – M.I.A.
  10. Last Night (Adele Cover) – The Strokes
  11. Where Is My Mind (Sunday GirlCover) – The Pixes
  12. 1901 (Birdy Cover) – Phoenix
  13. First Day of My Life (Steffaloo Cover) – Bright Eyes
  14. Everlasting Light (Alex Winston Cover) – The Black Keys
  15. Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright (Metric Cover) – Bob Dylan

Image: Blare Magazine

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