Pocket Markets: Farmers' Markets Go Mini


We crave convenience. Some of us are able to go out of our way to shop, live and act greener, but for a lot of very busy people, “going out of their way” is just not an option.

Enter pocket markets. These are single-stand farmers’ markets serving up fresh, local produce and eggs in places like government buildings, college campuses and neighborhood street corners every day of the week. Pocket markets are a perfect option for people on the go who don’t have the luxury of spending their Saturday morning perusing all the choices at the main farmers’ market.

Currently, FoodRoots out of British Columbia is on the pocket market forefront, but if you’d like to try setting one up in your community, check out the Pocket Market Toolkit. This is a trend I’d like to see crop up everywhere! Food is increasingly going the way of speedy and sustainable.

Image: Phil Romans