Pooch that Toots? Natural Ways to Stink Out Gas

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I’m going to be frank about this. My dog farts – a lot. It’s gross. He stinks. And farting just makes my pup’s already large carbon paw print even worse since flatulence contains the greenhouse gas methane! So I set out on a mission to find natural solutions for his gassy belly. I’ve tried just about everything to help his flatulence issue from altering his diet to feeding him yogurt to special natural remedies. If your dog has digestive issues, too, try some of these natural solutions for dog gas problems.


Digging into your dog’s diet to find the cause of gas may seem like a no brainer, but the mystery of food and farts can sometimes be hard to solve. Dogs can be allergic to a number of ingredients that may be in his pet food – from soy to sweet potatoes. Or if you pass table scraps on to your pet, you may be contributing to the problem. If you think our pup’s stinky butt may be stemming from digestive issues, talk to your vet about his diet. You may want to try a more limited diet or grain free formula to see if it alleviates the gas. Some owners opt for allergy testing – though pricey, it can help pinpoint the source of your dog’s gas.

Pet Alive Flatulence Preventer

The Flatulence Preventer from natural pet remedy brand Pet Alive promises to reduce gas guild up with an herbal formula. The ingredient list of natural digestive aids and homeopathic remedies may seem foreign, but everything is natural. While this may be a good solution, my picky puppy (who often leaves a bowl of food uneaten for hours) wouldn’t oblige to the recommended dosage. To start you must give your dog a pinch or two of the tiny pellets every 30 minutes for six doses. Then, you must give three doses daily.


Just how yogurt can help balance out human belly troubles with its live and active cultures, it can help your canines digestive issues, too. Add a teaspoon of plain yogurt to your dog’s bowl at each meal.

Weider Pet Health Digestive Wellness

The Digestive Wellness formula combines the probiotics of yogurt with other enzymes and fiber that can help normalize your dog’s digestion including sunflower, flax and ginger. It comes in a powder formula that you add to your dog’s meal once or twice a day.

Alas, my hunt for the perfect doggie Gas-X continues. Does your dog fart? Have you tried any natural remedies that work? Tell us in the comments below.

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