Positive Globalism: the Growth of Fair Trade


If you’ve been shopping for imported organic foods and artisan crafts lately, you’ve probably noticed a black and white label claiming Fair Trade Certification. And maybe you’ve wondered what Fair Trade really means?

Well, unlike Free Trade (NAFTA), Fair Trade is a good thing. Fair Trade means that the farmers and other people involved in producing the goods, such as coffee, shea butter, handmade blankets, and other artisan goods are paid a living wage and are working in safe, humane conditions. Fair Trade policies also prohibit child labor, dangerous agricultural chemicals and genetically modified products.

Fair Trade is a positive system of organization for farmers, in sharp contrast to the many companies who treat their overseas farmers very badly, pay them low wages and expose them and their children to harmful products and chemicals. Use your consumer power to support Fair Trade products and show that you care about the people who work hard to produce the goods you use everyday.

Image: Delgoff.