Preserve What We've Got with Recycled Plastic Products


We have to admit it: virgin plastic is one of our worst Achilles’ heels. Recycled plastic, while not without its own set of complications, is useful for so many things we need.

It’s not just that guy in the SUV; every piece of fresh plastic is contributing to our precarious reliance on fossil fuels. According to this article:

“…the simple break down is 3.4 megajoules of energy to produce a water bottle, cap and packaging with a barrel of oil producing about 6 thousand megajoules. Taking those numbers into account you arrive at 17.6 million barrels of oil, enough oil to run 1.5 million cars on U.S. roadways for an entire year.”*

What a shame that we waste so thoughtlessly – just look at the results here, or here. But there’s good news. By making a few easy switches, you can have a positive impact on the planet and reduce the reliance on new plastic. What to do? Preserve.

This creative company has the answer to everybody’s everyday needs: toothbrushes, razor handles, colanders, cutting boards and a variety of other bathroom and kitchen products made from 100% recycled plastics. They come in fun, bright colors and they can again be recycled afterwards. And they’re made in the USA!

Preserve’s mail-in recycling program lets you send everything back to them to later be recycled into plastic lumber for decks and park benches. Or, of course, you can recycle them curbside in your community.

*The calculation is explained in more detail at the Pacific Institute’s information page under the energy requirements for plastic bottles.