Private Jets & Going Green: All in a Day's Work for Prince Charles


I don’t know if it’s irony or hypocrisy that best describes that fact that Prince Charles is heading to South America next month to focus on environmental sustainability and climate change issues but is getting there on a private jet, leaving a massive 322 ton carbon footprint. I’m going to go with hypocrisy. Perhaps the Prince should consider leaving some of his 14-person entourage behind and just hopping on an ordinary plane like the rest of us.

Apparently the Prince does plan on offsetting his carbon emissions. But still, it irks me that he doesn’t see that having his own jet to transport 14 people is ethically incompatible with his “green” stance.

It turns out that this isn’t the first time that Prince Charles has been in the firing line over his mode of transport when traveling in the name of environmental issues. In 2007, he flew first class to the United States…to pick up an environmental award. Well, I suppose video conferencing wasn’t available.

Of course, the Prince isn’t the only one that seems not to notice the hypocrisy of leaving such a massive carbon footprint with his travelling. Other well known people to be tagged for private jet flying include former Vice President Al Gore and California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger. What do you think about this, readers? Is the occasional “Oops, I pumped out more greenhouse gases than the cattle of Brazil last weekend!” something to be overlooked in the grander scheme of saving the planet…and avoiding the hoi polloi?

Image: versageek