PUMA’s INCycle Cradle-to-Cradle Collection Hits Stores this Month

Recyclable Track Jacket

INCycle by PUMA is a collection of biodegradable and fully recyclable apparel, footwear and accessories.

Sportswear label PUMA launched its new collection of cradle-to-cradle certified apparel, footwear and accessories last month. Having debuted the collection last fall, the company is glad to announce that the INCycle collection is now available through PUMA’s  online shop, and has already hit several retail stores worldwide.

The C2C philosophy is based on the vision of a world where nothing that is produced releases hazardous materials into the environment, nor ends up in landfills or incinerators. The concept of C2C involves the design and production of goods that can be composted or recycled, alongside production processes that have no environmental impact, and are able to recycle resources. Although several industries are far from this ideal scenario, PUMA is definitely taking a step in this direction and setting a higher standard for large apparel companies.

As part of the PPR Luxury Group, PUMA has become one of the mainstream brands that is actively trying to reduce their negative environmental footprint and increase their positive environmental footprint. Collaboration with C2C experts at the EPEA kickstarted PUMA’s new environmental strategy, which PUMA says, is only the beginning. The INCycle products meet the criteria for the C2C “BASIC” program, but the company aims to develop more sustainable products. As a bonus and motivational message to other brands, the designs of the INCycle collection have actually created profits rather than losses for the company.

Biodegradable PUMA InCycle T Shirt

The new INCycle collection contains both biodegradable and recyclable items. The fully compostable items include the Basket Tee and Logo T-Shirt, made from organic jersey cotton. The Basket Sneakers are the most interesting item in the collection, with uppers made from a blend of organic cotton and linen, and the soles made from a newly introduced biodegradable plastic called APINATbio. The material is made out of thermoplastic compounds, and is easily shredded into small components and composted or recycled into new items.

Biodegradable PUMA InCycle Basket

The recyclable INCycle products are not as innovative as the Basket Sneaker, but have been launched in conjunction with PUMA’s Bring Me Back program that allows customers to return recyclable items to the manufacturer. Made out of fully recyclable PET plastic, the Track Jacket, Track Pants, Backpack and Sports Bag are designed to be entirely recyclable, with everything down to the zippers made of materials that can be re-used. All of these items can be broken down into polyester granulate for use as raw fiber for new products.

Recyclable PUMA InCycle Backpack

Check out the collection online or visit your closest PUMA store for a first-hand experience. PUMA’s Bring Me Back program has been launched in collaboration with global recycling company I:CO, which has been installing in-store composting and recycling bins to take back unwanted or used INCycle items. In fact, items from any of I:CO’s member companies can be placed in the bins, including the likes of Adidas, Carhartt, H&M, Esprit, Foot Locker and Volcom. As a perk for the recycler, every kilogram of apparel or every pair of shoes returned will earn you a voucher for 10 percent off your next purchase at any of the participating labels!

Images: PUMA