Putting Pen To Wall: $10 Redecoration


Here’s something to try at home only if you meet two requirements.

1. Slightly reckless artistic genius.

2. See  requirement 1.

Oh, and a Sharpie, heavyweight of the permanent-marker world and beloved by Americans everywhere, despite an unfortunate patron or two. Sharpie packs sell for around 10 bucks each – and that’s how much it cost Lexmark associate general counsel Charlie Kratzer to decorate his basement. Preparation? A lick of cream paint, and nothing more. And the result, seen in 360-degree view at Kentucky.com…is astonishing.

Oh, it’s far from contemporary or chic. And I’m not sure that George Bernard Shaw ever belongs on the same stretch of wall as Bullwinkle and Rocky. But it’s an intriguingly thrifty concept (and my Inner Child is grinning broadly at the thought of drawing on the wall with marker-pen). Just imagine if a modern Michelangelo grabbed a handful of colored pens and got to work.

And translate it down – why not whitewash a small item badly in need of renovation, and try your hand? You never know what (slightly reckless) artistic genius lurks under the surface…

Image: steakpinball

Mike Sowden

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