Rapa Nui's Eco Tourism


Few places in the world are as remote, mysterious and ethereal as Rapa Nui – better known to us as Easter Island.

Rising from the sea 3,600 km west of Chile, this volcanic island is steeped in history. European explorers arrived in 1722 AD to claim first discovery, little realizing they were a thousand years too late. It’s generally agreed that 4th Century Polynesians created the island’s archaeological remains, after enduring a staggering sea journey of over 1,500km eastwards. Today, it’s temperate, breathtakingly gorgeous and as enigmatic as its famous moai (carved stone heads).

One thing it isn’t is inaccessible (not completely, anyway). You could use a tour operator such as EcoToursChile – or, for a little more luxury, use explora’s package, that includes a stay at the Posada de Mike Rapu hotel (application underway for Gold LEED status), with package prices from $2,634 for 3 days.

For a taster, read about Edward Albee’s visit for The New York Times.

Image credit: Aurbina

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