Rattan and Wood (and Klutz-Proof) Planters


Plant pots and I…we don’t get on. It’s not their fault – it’s all me. Because whenever they’re around, I’m accident-prone. I’ve reduced three already this year into sad piles of shreds (and successfully rescued the contents in each case). I rode my bike into the last one. I’m a plant pot’s worst nightmare. They need protecting from me.

Wood’s a good bet. The teak tree planter range by Reforest Teak, say. Produced from sustainable Costa Rican teak certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, these items are solid and durable and reinforced with steel bands (so they’re probably Mike-resistant). They come in a number of shapes, from the big practical square planter pictured above to this natty little corner-filler.

Another method might be to use the shock-absorbing properties of rattan – or maybe I need to set up a few of sponsor VivaTerra’s Wine Barrel Bottoms-Up planters. Or maybe I shouldn’t be let near the garden at all. Yes, that’s probably it.

Image: Reforest Teak

Mike Sowden

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