Recycled Chairs Made from Discarded Drink Materials


We’ve seen cat litter made from recycled paper and sawdust and wallets and purses made from recycled juice packs. But we never thought we’d see chairs made from recycled coffee grinds or plastic bottles – I guess we’ve now seen it all! Yes, two different companies have created sleek modern chairs from discarded drink materials.

The first, UK-based Re-worked, redirects coffee waste from landfills and uses it to make a new substance called Çurface. This versatile material has been used to make chairs (the legs are from salvaged wood) and the company is even hoping to expand into sheeting, fertilizer, and other furniture items. Talk about the ultimate statement piece for coffee lovers!


Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has partnered with chairmaker Emeco to create the 111 Navy Chair. Using recycled plastic from 111 bottles, and glass fiber for strength, the chairs are purportedly scratch-resistant and come in six colors, all with a 5-year structural guarantee. The 111 Navy Chair was introduced at the Milan Furniture Fair earlier this year, and the goal of the project is to show consumers that recycling can create fashionable, functional products. (We’ll toast to that!)

What’s next? Coffee tables from recycled paper? Nightstands made from old credit cards?