From Yoga to Yardwork, 5 Great Picks for the Eco-Material Girl

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Considering that the average American now consumes over 28 gallons of bottled water each year, all packaged in single-use plastic, it’s a good thing that many companies are now incorporating recycled PET (the stuff those bottles are made out of) into their lines.

Yes, recycled PET has made its way onto the mainstream runway along with a bevvy of other smart eco-friendly materials. But it’s not just about innovative technology or drool-worthy duds from the likes of Linda Loudermilk. Stylish picks in eco-friendly materials are well-suited to daily life – everything from yoga to yardwork. Check out some of our favorites:


henri lloyd eco

A longtime household brand in the sailing and yachting community, Henri Lloyd has also made its way onto fashion lists. Now the company known for its all-weather sporty yet fashionable jackets is another big name to join the list of brands that use recycled PET.

Henri Lloyd has teamed up with Japanese textile factory Tejin Fibers Ltd. (a factory that also works with brands like Patagonia and Nau) to launch the first program worldwide for the collection and recycling of used marine apparel, as well as incorporation of Eco Storm recyclable, waterproof fabric made from recycled polyester fibers. Henri Lloyd’s 2010 Blue Eco Range of sailing wear will feature the new material, and we’re hoping it spreads to more of the brand!



Yoga-based apparel company prAna has an extensive line of workout gear, perfect for your morning asanas, that uses recycled polyester fibers. Favorites include the Lolita Pant and the Bella Sport top.

Beyond recycled PET, prAna is a sound and environmentally conscious company. In 2005 prAna launched the Natural Power Initiative to raise awareness about renewable energy amongst customers, retailers and the outdoor industry. This year, the Natural Power Initiative is expected to prevent the emissions of 17,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases.


el naturalista

Ok, so I’ll go ahead and admit that these shoes aren’t made with recycled PET, but they’re too distinctive and eco-friendly to go unmentioned. Although it might not save any plastic bottles, El Naturalista’s Recyclus line does use recycled rubber and footbeds. In fact, the line is built on the idea that the entire shoe should be recyclable at its end of life.

“The name will be Recyclus; you will only need to pull a thread, and the sole, the in-sole, the leather, and the laces will separate into independent pieces to be deposited in special recycling bins that we will offer to stores.”


motil ped

Hopefully your new year is going to be filled with lots of plans for intriguing adventures, which means you’ll need a sleek bag that can still carry a lot. Welcome the Motil Ped by Nau. The shell, lining and shoulder webbing are made of 100% recycled polyester. With a laptop pocket and ample zipper pockets inside, this can be your go-to back for any occasion, be it casual or fashionable.

For the home


Complete your sustainable wardrobe by adding a few key items around the house. As always, consuming less means more, but if you’re home is in need of a little freshening up, the Teppas stackable containers (made, natch, with recycled PET) from IKEA are a fun way to kick off a more organized lifestyle in the new year.

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